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Welcome to Austides Consulting

Austides is a private oceanographic consultancy specializing in tides and sea levels, hydrodynamic modelling, marine sciences and coastal engineering. Austides was registered in 2000 by Dr John L Luick. Normally Austides jobs are performed by John in association with a small team including scientific colleagues, technicians, and/or software engineers. John has also contributed to a number of multi-year projects at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), as part of a larger team of SARDI, CSIRO, and university scientists. Read more about Austides Consulting

What We Do

  • Tidal Analysis and Prediction

    Let Austides help you with tidal analysis software, training, or reference materials. We have been doing this for, well, decades. Our custom-built software can analyse either sea levels or currents, based on input data, built-in global models, or our own tailored numerical models. Point and click on the map to get forecast tides and currents at any time..
  • Hydrodynamic Modelling

    Austides has extensive experience in hydrodynamic modelling and associated processes. Recently we have chosen to specialise in ROMS (for regional ocean modelling), SWAN (for waves),LTRANS (for particle tracking), and FENNEL (for biogeophysics). The Austides team includes experts in each of these packages.
  • Oceanographic Analysis

    Our combined decades of experience involves virtually all major forms of physical oceanographic analysis, e.g. time series, wavelets, turbulence, gfd, harbour waves, process studies, atmosphere/ocean interactions…you name it. We also have an associate member with expertise in microplankton and nutrient dynamics.
  • Specialist Training

    We offer training in tidal analysis and prediction and various tides-related matters such as estimating design risk for extreme water-level events, how to create tide tables, introduction to modelling, tidal theory, instrumentation, and tidal currents.

Selected Photos

The Australian Tidal Handbook

The Australian Tidal Handbook is no longer available. We now offer Modern Theory and Practice of Tide Analysis and Tidal Power, by Zygmunt Kowalik and John Luick, as a free download.