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ATtide is a Austides’ premium tidal software. The original version was designed under contract to a national tidal/hydrographic agency, so it contains a full bureau-quality analysis and prediction package, for over 100 harmonics and for time series of arbitrary duration. Since then we have added a number of unique features, such as maps of local tidal amplitude, ellipses, currents, or phase, and the ability to create an instant tidal prediction for any offshore location, based on a local or global tide model or interpolated from local tide gauges.

ATtide is not an “off-the-shelf” product. It is customised to individual requirements. The default values, regional tidal model harmonics, and even the artwork and logos are tailored to the customer. Its unique design combined with a handy point and click graphic interface make it easy to learn and use.

The ability to get a tidal prediction for an offshore site – having chosen the site coordinates, either by clicking on a nautical chart (geotiff), by reading from a gps device or NMEA file, or by manual entry of coordinates – means that in this one respect ATtide can be used as a simplified substitute for sophisticated hydrographic software such as HYPACK (of course, HYPACK offers many other functions that go far beyond this one feature!).

Austides’ core business is numerical hydrodynamic modelling. We also specialise in many aspects of oceanographic analysis, including tides.

Austides has over a decade of experience working with the ROMS (Regional Ocean Modelling System) and over three years’ experience with SWAN (Surface Wave Analysis) (in coupled or uncoupled mode). We also run the biogeochemical model FENNEL and the post-processing larval transport model LTRANS.

All these are state of the art, industry-standard models.