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Modern Theory and Practice of Tide Analysis and Tidal Power

The Oceanography of Tides

by Prof Zygmunt Kowalik and Dr John Luick

Chapter I: Tidal forces
Chapter II: Basic equations
Chapter III: Tidal currents
Chapter IV: Tide distribution and tidal power
Chapter V: Physical characteristics of tides. Tide analysis and prediction
Chapter VI: Tidal Terminology

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Free, fast, powerful tool for constructing computational grids for ROMS (Regional Ocean Modelling System) by Dr Charles James. GridBuilder replaces the venerable Seagrid software by Charles R. Denham. The executable should work fine on Windows (no need for Matlab).

Download GridBuilder.exe v1.3.3

The “INSTRUCTIONS” pdf (below) was written for the 2016 version. It is mostly redundant for those downloading GridBuilder.mltbx v1.3.3, which has a “Reference Guide” in the Help menu.

Download Gridbuilder instructions PDF

This is a Matlab toolbox that should install and work with versions of Matlab 2014b and above. You will need Matlab to run GridBuilder this way. It has been developed and tested on Windows 7 and 10 but should work on any platform that can run a compatible version of Matlab. Installing the toolbox will install all code and data files and help documentation required to run GridBuilder. To install the toolbox double click on the GridBuilder.mltbx file from within Matlab.

Download GridBuilder_toolbox.mltbx v1.3.3


This Matlab function (and wrapper) prepares a ROMS forcing file directly from the Oregon State University TPXO global tidal model (aka OTPS). ROMS is a hydrodynamic model primarily designed for coastal shelves, estuaries, and regional seas. This version of TPXO2ROMS (TPXO9v5_ROMS) reads from the TPXO9 v5 atlas. You will need permission to download the TPXO9 netcdf files this software reads from (see https://www.tpxo.net/otps).

Download TPXO2ROMS

Australian Tidal Handbook

Australian Tidal HandbookI wrote this handbook in 2004 under contract to the National Tidal Centre (Bureau of Meteorology). It is now out of date, with the most important contents merged into Modern Theory and Practice of Tide Analysis and Tidal Power. It contains some tables of tidal parameters that are still useful and accurate.

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