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Austides is a private oceanographic consultancy specializing in tides and sea levels, hydrodynamic modelling, marine sciences and coastal engineering. Austides was registered in 2000 by Dr John L Luick. Normally Austides jobs are performed by Dr Luick in association with a small team including scientific colleagues, technicians, and/or software engineers. Dr Luick has also contributed to a number of multi-year projects at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), as part of a larger team of SARDI, CSIRO, and university scientists.

Completed Contracts

  • Ocean currents in the vicinity of Trinidad and Tobago (for Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Group, Melbourne).
  • Fleurieu Peninsula artificial reef project tidal and wind-driven current assessment (for Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Group, Melbourne).
  • Western Australian sea level due to tides, weather, and extreme events (for Western Australia Department of Transport).
  • A Course in Hydrography, Tidal Analysis, and the Prediction of Tides (2001 — 2003, Applied Hydrographic and Oceanographic Academy, Kuala Lumpur).
  • A review of the physical oceanography of Astrolabe Bay and coastal northeast PNG with reference to proposed submarine discharge of mine wastes (for the Australian Mineral Policy Institute).
  • Thistle Island tidal and storm currents (for Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Group, Melbourne).
  • Australian Tidal Handbook (for the Bureau of Meteorology, National Tidal Centre).
  • Australian Tides Manual (for the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping, Permanent Committee on Tides and Mean Sea Level, Woolongong).
  • Physical oceanographic survey of Hessen and Sachsen Bays, Papua New Guinea, of exploration license 1305 – Morobe Chromite Project (for OMG Materials Ltd, Singapore).
  • Tidal analysis software for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for Unique Maritime Group, Dubai).
  • Tidal analysis software for Dubai Municipality (for Unique Maritime Group, Dubai)    (with SARDI).
  • Physical oceanographic assessment of the Nautilus EIS for the Solwara 1 Project (an independent review) (for the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, Melbourne)   (with SARDI).
  • Lake Tanganyika, Africa, Tender Evaluations (for Beach Petroleum, Adelaide)   (with SARDI).
  • Analysis of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia tide gauge data in support of hydrographic survey (for Saudigeomatics Ltd)   (with SARDI).
  • Analysis of Jubail, Saudi Arabia tide gauge and current meter data in support of hydrographic survey (for Saudigeomatics Ltd)  (with SARDI).
  • Southern Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture – Subprogram: Risk and Response (for Aquafin CRC).
  • Effects of environmental variability on recruitment to South Australian fisheries: a preliminary investigation (for Fisheries Research and Development Council).
  • Carrying capacity of Spencer Gulf: hydrodynamic and biogeochemical measurement modelling and performance monitoring (for Fisheries Research Development Council).

Ongoing Contracts

  • Physical Oceanography of the Great Australian Bight: the science that underpins (for British Petroleum).
  • Development of a Marine Research Virtual Laboratory (MARVL) (for the Australian Commonwealth and participating organizations).
  • Development of the Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring and Forecasting Program (in affiliation with Microstep spol s r.o., Slovakia).

Austides International Partners

  • Microstep spol s r.o. (Slovakia)
  • Unique Maritime Group (Dubai)
  • Sea and Land Technologies (Singapore)
  • Nusentara (Malaysia)
  • SaudiGeomatics (Dammam)

Austides Professional Associates

  • Associate Professor Jon Hinwood (Marine and Coastal Engineering)
  • Dr Charles James (Physical Oceanography, Waves)
  • Dr Mark Doubell (Biological Oceanography, Turbulence Processes)
  • Dr Paul van Ruth (Biological Oceanography, Nutrient Modelling)